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About Instant Barber

Welcome to Instant Barber.  We'll show you how to cut hair at home like a professional using our secret 5 step formula.  You don't need any experience, our double DVD is fun and simple to follow and will show you how to give a professional hair cut - first time, every time.

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Never cut mens hair in your life? Want to learn in ONE day? Our amazing double DVD shows you everything you need to know to give a perfect haircut - even if you've NEVER cut hair before.

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You don't need to have had any experience cutting hair, our video is simple to follow, easy to understand and great fun to watch.

Our amazing Five Step Secret Formula is guaranteed to give professional results with your very first attempt - even if you've never cut hair before.

Instant Barber runs through all the equipment you need to cut hair at home, showing you how to use each item.

Once you understand how to use your equipment, we then show you  the Five Step Secret Formula which will enable you to give a perfect haircut first time.

We explain each step in detail in a fun, easy-to-learn way. We give live demonstrations, plenty of recaps and use professional learning techniques to ensure you remember what you have learnt.

Our barber has over 13 years experience and will take you through each stage of the Five Step Secret formula - you'll cut like a pro first time!

Save over £200 a year with Instant Barber

If you cut your partner's and your son's hair at home, you can easily save over £200 a year in barber costs.  In fact, you only need to complete two haircuts before our guide has paid for itself.

On the next page, we'll share some tips on giving a great haircut. Then we'll tell you more about Instant Barber and let you know what our customers think.

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